Mullein Leaf Extract - Lung Cleanse by KIKI Green Mullein Leaf Extract - Lung Cleanse by KIKI Green
Mullein Leaf Extract - Lung Cleanse by KIKI Green $19.90
INFO The mullein leaves have been reported since the early 1900’s to help for lung weakness, respiratory and chest issues. Literally, it is one of the best lung complex out there! LUNG CLEANSE: Mullein possesses normalizing and demulcent properties that promote mucus secretion. PREMIUM QUALITY AND PURITY - KIKI Green Mullein Leaf Extract includes 90 caps, which supplies 45-days. No foreign substances, no fillers, Non-GMO, gluten-free vegan no preservatives. BREATHE DEEPLY: Increase respiratory capacity, remove mucus from lungs, ease breathing. Amplify Your Lung Health Naturally Unleash the power of Mother Nature with Kiki Green's Mullein Leaf Capsules. Specially formulated with 1000mg of pure mullein leaf extract, these capsules provide an organic way to revitalize your lungs and improve your overall respiratory health. Made from the highest quality mullein leaves, our capsules are perfect for those seeking an herbal solution to their lung health challenges. Detoxify and Cleanse with Confidence Are you a smoker looking for an effective lung detox? Kiki Green Mullein Leaf Capsules are designed just for you. Each capsule offers a powerful cleanse, assisting in removing harmful toxins from your lungs. Experience a new level of wellness as your lungs enjoy a natural detox. Discover the refreshing feeling of a cleaner, healthier respiratory system. Uncompromised Quality, Exceptional Results Vegan, gluten-free, and devoid of any artificial additives, Kiki Green Mullein Leaf Capsules offer a pure, guilt-free health boost. In addition to supporting lung health, these capsules may also offer other holistic health benefits, such as soothing throat irritation and promoting restful sleep. Embrace the path to wellness with our 90-pill pack and experience the difference for yourself.
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Mullein Leaf - Lung Complex - Liquid Extract - 2 oz Mullein Leaf - Lung Complex - Liquid Extract - 2 oz
Mullein Leaf - Lung Complex - Liquid Extract - 2 oz $15.90
HEALTH BENEFITS OF Mullein Leaf liquid: Respiratory Support:soothe your airways and facilitate easier breathing, harnessing the beneficial properties of Mullein. It is believed to have expectorant properties, which means it may help to loosen and expel mucus from the respiratory tract. This makes it potentially beneficial for managing conditions like coughs, bronchitis, and respiratory congestion.  may be used to soothe and support ear health. Introducing KIKI Green Liquid Mullein Leaf Tincture - a powerful herbal supplement designed to cleanse your lungs and support respiratory health, all in a convenient liquid form. Unlock the full potential of the Mullein herb and experience the numerous benefits it has to offer. Breathe Freely Our Mullein Leaf Tincture harnesses the potent respiratory-enhancing qualities of Mullein Leaf, a time-honored herb renowned for its role in supporting respiratory health. With each drop, you'll feel your airways soothe and breathing become easier, allowing you to enjoy life's moments without hindrance. Concentrated Herbal Goodness KIKI Green's Mullein Herb enriched tincture is a concentrated source of nature's healing properties. Every single drop is brimming with Mullein's powerful compounds that have been known to enhance overall well-being and boost resilience. Experience nature's solution for supporting a healthier, stronger you. Purify and Support Our specially formulated Mullein extract delivers targeted lung support, working to cleanse your respiratory system while simultaneously bolstering your body's natural defense mechanisms. Let our blend provide the support your lungs need to function optimally. Commitment to Quality At KIKI Green, we are dedicated to bringing you only the best. Our Mullein Tincture is responsibly sourced from the finest quality Mullein and crafted under the strictest quality controls. Rest assured, you're receiving a non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly product that meets our high standards for wellness offerings. Trust in KIKI Green As a respected seller, we put your health and satisfaction at the forefront. All our products, including the potent Mullein Tincture, are produced in meticulously supervised facilities that adhere to the highest quality standards. Rely on KIKI Green's Liquid Mullein Leaf Tincture for a natural, effective solution to support your respiratory health and overall wellness.
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Mulleio Lung Complex Capsules Mulleio Lung Complex Capsules
Mulleio Lung Complex Capsules $25.95
Breathe easier and deeper with the Mulleio capsules – a potent blend of Mullein leaf, Schisandra, and Cordyceps. Designed for those who prioritize lung health, these supplements ensure clear airways and optimal respiratory function. Key Features Boosted Lung Health: The Mullein leaf, a renowned herbal remedy, pairs with Schisandra and Cordyceps to promote clear airways and support robust lung function. Enhanced Immune Support: Experience the synergy of Schisandra and Cordyceps, known for bolstering the body's defense mechanisms. Dive into a realm of superior respiratory wellness with Mulleio. Anti-Aging Benefits: Not just a lung health supplement, Mulleio offers age-defying properties. With the wonders of Schisandra and Cordyceps, revel in a life of vibrant vitality and energy. Holistic Health Excellence: Beyond just capsules, Mulleio stands as a beacon for those seeking holistic wellness. Trust in the blend to cleanse and refresh your airways, allowing you to breathe with utmost confidence. Why Choose KIKI Green KIKI Green is not just a brand; it's a commitment to radiant health. Recognized for its dedication to respiratory well-being, every capsule echoes our passion and dedication. With Mulleio, you're not just investing in a product; you're embracing a lifestyle of clear breathing and overall wellness. Directions for Use: Follow the recommended dosage as per the packaging or consult with your healthcare professional. Add to cart and embark on a journey towards pristine lung health and holistic vitality.
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